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A Scary YYC Transit Experience for 14-Year-Old Cass

This was probably six or seven years ago when I was still living in YYC. One night I was coming home, from a friends house I think, and I got on the wrong train and ended up at the North McKnight station. Scared shitless the middle of the night, 14, and no idea how to get home I was already feeling cautious. I called my mom in a panic and she headed on her way over, but couldn’t get there fast enough. two men about six feet from me began making comments on why a little girl was out so late, where ‘she’ (I assume they were talking about me as I was the only girl around by now), and how no one is around and what a nice body I had. In that moment, I prepared for the reality that I might about to be raped and it was the most horrifying feeling ever. I prayed, to who I have no idea, that my mom would get there soon and these men would go away. For a young woman to prepare herself for the reality that someone might try and rape her is horrifying and disgusting. This needs to stop.

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Shannon Calls Out Drive-by Cat-callers

This happened to my friend and I one night this summer when we were walking back from the convenience store. We were almost home when we had finished crossing Boudreau and Sir Winston. Some guys in their car started yelling just like “woohoo!” that sort of thing, but the sexual kind that they only yell at girls. I turned around and yelled back: “Why don’t you step out of your car and come say it to our faces ya big cowards!”
That shut them right up.

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Sexism, Stalking

Creep Follows Teenage Girl Around Sherwood Park Mall

Recently a sleazy middle-aged man had the audacity to leer at me and follow me through the mall. I politely asked him to stop following me, but being a timid teenage girl standing at 5″2′ doesn’t really help when the man was like a goddamn gorilla. I tried to throw him off by walking into a more populated area, but he continued to follow me. Finally, I met up with my father, and the man seemed to be intimidated enough to stop. I really wish I would’ve told him to fuck off, or done something to create a scene, but I was so uncomfortable and frightened. This sort of thing has happened to me many times in that mall, all ranging from creepy-stalking and downright degrading comments about my appearance (“hey babe”, “looking good”, “what a body”). I still can’t believe that some men think they have the right to treat women as sexual objects.

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Edmonton Transit Pick-up Artist at West Edmonton Mall

While waiting for my transfer at the West Edmonton Mall I noticed a young guy in a grey sweater with the hood up standing a few meters away seeming to be looking in my direction. I assumed he was looking past me and didn’t think much of it. Though when he left the bus shelter and came back a few minutes later (once no one was around me) he started being overly familiar.
He said: “I just wanted to tell you, you have a really nice ass, I saw you get off the bus and thought wow I just had to tell you”.

I’m so embarrassed that I was dumbstruck and couldn’t think of one of the many witty replies I’ve read online and just responded with an obviously awkward thanks. He proceeded to tell me “now you look all awkward and uncomfortable”. I did not say: “well that happens when people tell me inappropriate things.”

He stuck out his hand and introduced himself which I took – again embarrassing and said: “I have a boyfriend, sorry.”
“Oh is that your name”
“No, I don’t give my name to strangers”
“Okay well have a great day beautiful. I hope your boyfriend treats that ass right.”
He leaves.
It isn’t just that he commented on my appearance that bothered me but that he was so familiar about it. Like I should fall at his feat because he was so ‘flattering’. He actually made me feel guilty for a moment for being kind of rude. Rather than making me think: wow that man has no boundaries or awareness of appropriate social conduct in a public setting.
Street harassment isn’t a compliment. Women don’t need strangers to make them feel good about themselves.
And really has that pick-up line ever worked?

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Assault, Verbal

Calgary Teen Harassed by College Student

I’ve had guys honk and whistle at me since I was 13. I’m only 14 and these harrasments have been happening to me for a year now. One day I was waiting at a bus shelter, this college student wanted to know who I was where I was going and asked to shake my hand, I refused so he began to grab me, I kicked him in the balls and ran away. Never in my life had I felt so violated. I hated it. Last night a bunch of guys started to whistle and shit. I told them they were being pigs.. I wish it would stop.

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Man on YYC Transit Harasses Multiple Women

Yesterday (Friday, August 1st), I was taking the 92 bus from Anderson station at around 8:30pm

A gangly young guy (can’t be more than 25) was standing in front of the bus shelter. He was skinny, tall (maybe about 6′) and wearing glasses.

I walked into the bus shelter, trying to sit down. He started to talk to me like he knew me, while standing very close. I had my earphone in and didn’t catch what he said, and he didn’t look familiar to me, so I took out my earphone and asked “do I know you?”.

He said “Hi I’m Steve” and put up his right hand for me to high-five.

My alarms were going off, so I ignored him and sat down in the bus shelter. He tried to talk to me again, so I put in my earphone again. He then went to another young woman and appeared to try the same thing; I saw him do the high-five, and the young woman indulged him.

On the bus, the guy and an unlucky girl were sitting right in front of me.

The guy kept on talking to her, while the girl was turning her body and head towards the window, trying to ignore him.

When he was distracted talking to other girls on the bus, I tapped the girl on the shoulder, and asked her “is he bothering you?”. She nodded.

I then did something really stupid. What I was trying to do was to pretend I know her, and hopefully extract her from the situation. But I started with “Are you Katy?”, which made me seem totally unhinged. So of course the girl said “no, I’m not”. I realized my mistake, and apologized.

About 15 min after that, the girl stood up, and made the guy let her out, and changed to the seat behind me.

The guy got off in the Prestwick area.

Immediately after he got off, the girl tapped me on the shoulder, and thanked me for trying to watch out for her (so I didn’t come off as a total weirdo as I feared).

She said he also went up to her and started talking like he knew her AND he tried to grope her on the bus.

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Calgary Man Publicly Masturbates While Following Woman

Someone walked up to me from behind when I was heading to walk on Highfield, towards southwest. The person kept on hovering behind me to my left, so I turned to look at him.

It was a guy in his 20s, medium built, and had his dick in his hand, masturbating.

I tried to punch him. After only landing a pathetic punch on his shoulder, he turned and ran.

I was pretty shaken up, and didn’t think to take a picture of him until he was very far away. And I didn’t call the police until I got to work, and by the time they got there, it was at least 20 min after the incident.

The police went around the area, but they really had very little to go on. I can’t recall what the guy looked like exactly, and I didn’t leave a mark on him when I hit him.

This happened on July 18th, just before 9am. I got a bit of a freakout yesterday (August 1st, also a Friday). I was getting a ride home at around 5:30pm, and thought I saw the same guy jogging on 42 Ave SE, around 9 St SE.

The police did say that the guy was likely someone who frequent that area, and told me to call if I see him again.
But I really couldn’t positively identify the guy, so I didn’t call.

So I just would like to warn any women/girls who are around that area to be careful, and call the police ASAP if anything like that happens.

About the photo: like I said, he was very far away, and there’s really no way to identify him from that, but I thought I’d include it for completeness sake. He’s at the center of the picture, in a blue shirt, running towards the far building.

ps: I ran into another creepy guy just the Friday, and will submit that as a separate post.
highfield photo

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Harassed on YEG Transit After Hockey Game

After a school event in downtown, I had no other choice but to take transit home. There was also a hockey game finishing up, and on my way into the station a man and friends in their early 20’s whistled at me and asked how much I charge hourly and if I do group rates. I kept on my way and one of the guys jumped out of the car and followed me, asking why I wouldn’t come with them. As the train arrived he nearly spit on me and yelled “whatever your loss dumb slut”

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