Hollaback Alberta! in the Community

Hollaback Alberta! has been fortunate to participate in great local events with wonderful organizations and allies to support the LGBTQ community, specifically in Edmonton, Alberta. The following are pictures from events and local supporters! Thanks to everyone who join us in the fight against street harassment and who strive to create a safer and respectful community!


Hollaback Alberta Celebrates the University of Alberta Pride Week 2013!


The Hollaback Booth at The Pawnshop for the University of Alberta‘s Pride Week
finale drag show:




Ran out of our Holla stickers and pins!



Hollaback Alberta volunteers having a blast at the booth:



Local allies, the John Humphrey Centre, fighting for human rights in Edmonton, AB!





Local Allies in the Community:


Hollaback sticker sneaky on the bar fridge at a local live music
venue, The Artery:


Hollaback stickers in local Edmonton cafe, Remedy:


For more awesome pictures search for #hollabackalberta in Instagram and keep updated with local Holla pics!



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