Two Men Followed Me To Work- Story from Sarah

Two older men (probably mid-50’s) dressed in studded leather motorcycle-type clothes followed to me to work, through the Health Sciences LRT station, quickened their pace as we passed the construction (this is the point I noticed they were actually following me) and into my work building (a university research building). They continued to follow me through the empty halls of my building (as I walked as fast as I could toward the end of the building where the offices are located) until I reached my final destination, where there were many people. They then turned around and exited the building. They didn’t speak to me or each other (as far as I could hear) throughout the whole incident.

3 responses to “Two Men Followed Me To Work- Story from Sarah

  1. Sarah,
    If something creepy like that happens on or near campus again, call 911 or Univ Protective Svcs asap at 492-5050. Would be good to let Protective Svcs know anyway in case they are getting similar reports and can catch these creeps.

  2. Do not make the mistake of walking into a ladies toilet (bathroom) to try and stop them from following you.
    They may come in after you and then you are in a dead-end with only one exit.
    Do not be worried about looking silly or ‘a panic merchant’. Approach someone in authority, reception staff, office workers, etc. and tell them in a loud voice what is happening.

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