Sexually Harassed Calgary C-Train- Sarah’s Story

Around noon I took the train from Td square downtown, heading south. A man sat next to me and cracked open a beer can. He was in his 40s – 50s, wore eyeglasses and a beige jacket with a hoodie underneath and a baseball cap. At first he asked me how I was, to which I replied “fine”. Then he proceeded to make sexual comments involving how he is in bed and started asking me sexual questions. At that point I was trying to ignore him and my anxiety went through the roof (I’m a rape survivor so it was triggering trauma). As I wasn’t replying he asked me ” does your fucking mouth work”. I immediately got off at the next stop and ran to they Hyatt hotel downtown and took a cab. This is not the first time I’ve experienced harassment while in Calgary transit. What was disappointing to me is that none of the bystanders said anything either. I dont feel safe on transit. I still can’t shake off the anxiety completely.