Construction site on 6th and 1st

I used to work for a company just across the street from this construction site.

A guy that worked there and was handling the pedestrian traffic in the morning always tried to make conversation with me and even tried to touch me with the excuse that he was handling the traffic around the area. I ignored him as much as I could but he was very persistent to the point that he made me feel uncomfortable and nervous until I decide to stop it and first mentioned to the HR team where I was working and from one of the HR directors there she literal told me to ignore and to change my way to get to the office (I found this super rude!) so I decide to reported it to the police and they did sent a police person to speak to the supervisor in place to stop this harassment. I don’t want to talk to strangers just because I saw them everyday outside of work, they are not friends or acquaintances… they are still strangers and I should feel secure and respected everywhere and on my way to work.