Category: Homophobic

Groped by a Homophobe at Edmonton Bar

I was at a bar and I declined a drink from a man explaining I am self-sufficient and have a girlfriend. He told me I was weird, asked me inappropriate questions, and finally expressed that he did not believe I was a lesbian. I told him I didn’t care what he believed and tried to … Continued

What Gives You the Right?- Dansya’s Story

Walking home with my sister and a friend from a night out. We walk past a bar and a group of guys start shouting vulgar cat calls. I tell them to get lost and then they shout that I’m a lesbian. (Obviously I’m gay if that sort of charm doesn’t make me weak). Get a … Continued

Whyte Ave Drive By- Story from yegger

I was walking and holding hands with another woman on a perfect summer day on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. Suddenly a loud truck sped by, some guy had his face crammed out the window, screaming “CARPET MUNCHERS” as loud as possible. We mostly laughed because we agreed that it proved how idiotic and cowardly he … Continued

BP’s Story- How is Playing Softball Homosexual?

I was on an Edmonton recreation co-ed softball league about a year ago and we played at various baseball fields around the city. One of the baseball fields was along Kingsway Ave near the downtown airport. I wasn’t very good so I played way out field and was close enough to the road to hear a group … Continued