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Anti-Discrimination Policy

Replacing sexism with racism is not a proper Hollaback. Neither is classism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, and the usage of any other identity signifier. In our experience, street harassment comes from people in every facet of our cultures and every strata of society. We ask that you refrain from referencing the attributes of your harasser because this movement is about changing societal values, not pointing fingers. If you feel those details are important to your story, please make sure its relevance is explained clearly and constructively in your post .


The picture is about telling the story. We live in a world where public reactions to most reports of violence against women and minority groups is doubt. A picture can help people see the world from your eyes. Over the years, ihollaback.org has gotten pictures ranging from the street sign nearby, to an individual’s shoes, to the skyline. Pictures will be edited if they include personal information such as license plates, business signs, etc. Pictures will not be posted if taken in a non-public space (such as restaurants, offices, inside school buildings, etc.). If you experience harassment in a private space we encourage you to address it with the individual(s) responsible for that establishment.

*We reserve the right to edit or delete any submissions  or comments*