Why Hollaback?

For yourself!
Hollaback! is all about your right to be you! We have the right to define our own self instead of being defined by a stranger’s point of view. No one has the right to tell us who we are and we all have the right to define ourselves on our own terms when we walk out the door. No one is as simple as a list of physical attributes and therefore we should not be objectified, humiliated, or bullied. Our community, our streets, our public spaces should be safe for everyone regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, race, ability or any factor!

For the world!
Street harassment teaches us to be silent. We will NOT passively walk on, we will let harassers know that there are consequences to their actions and that their actions are wrong. We don’t put up with harassment in the home, at work, or at school, and we aren’t putting up with it in the street either. By holla’ing back you are transforming an experience that is lonely and isolating into one that is sharable. You change the power dynamic by flipping the lens off of you and onto the harasser. You enter a worldwide community of people who’ve got your back and many that can relate to the feelings that surround street harassment. By holla’ing back and sharing your story you contribute to a resource that shows others that they are not alone. For every time we speak out against harassment, we strengthen the message that harassment is unacceptable. By increasing awareness harassers will realize that we will not be silenced, that we are people, not objects, and that they will no longer be allowed to invade our privacy with impunity.


Hollaback Your Way!
A Hollaback can take many forms, and just because you don’t Hollaback, doesn’t mean that you don’t think street harassment is wrong nor does it mean that you are a bad person for not calling out the harasser. It is important that we stand up for ourselves when we feel comfortable and safe to do so. We do not encourage holla’ing back when it will endanger you or make you uncomfortable. A Hollaback can take the form of a picture, sharing your story, raising awareness, making a song, artwork, or even just telling the harasser that what they are doing is harassment and wrong. Everyone has their own constructive style when it comes to their Hollaback!


Share your story or creative work!